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"Alliance has been a bright addition to Alexa's training and progression.  Our coaches and administrators care about developing each player and giving families a positive travel club experience.  The costs are reasonable.  The coaching is technical and strategic with high lax IQ concepts to prepare for collegiate p;ay.  The Alliance schedule is reasonable to allow Alexa to play on this club and live in another state.  We stay with Alliance because it is like family with a healthy team culture.  The girls genuinely love training together.  They appreciate each other and are pulling for their teammates to get better.  This is a competitive team with high expectations to train at practices, work at home and play their best at tournaments". Laurie Podmilsak, 2026 National Team Parent and former NCAA DI player.  

"While being able to compete with the best competition in the country is tremendous, and having so many top colleges/universities attend Alliance’s Club training and tournaments is also an impressive impact; I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for the preparation my daughter received before stepping on the field for her first Collegiate ID Camps last Summer. Her initial response and feelings after each camp was nearly identical:

  • First, she felt very well prepared for all the drills the college coaches performed, as she only encountered two new drills across all three camps. Many of the girls at each camp were learning some of these drills on-the-fly while attempting to perform them properly. Whereas my daughter had performed these same drills dozens of time before she set foot on campus.  As a result, she looked much more polished than the other campers and it showed. It was a big differentiator for her.

o   “ Mom we did mostly the same drills that our coaches run at Alliance, even those stick-drills I thought were a little silly. But sure enough we did those exact drills at the camp, and we (other Alliance teammates at camp) crushed it.”

  • Second, she felt the competition she regularly played against at Alliance was actually more difficult than the many of the players she played against at camp. So not only is it a great value to train so easily against such driven and talented players, it helped her prepare to compete hard in every drill, for every ground ball, and defensive stance.

o   “Mom playing against several of those campers was actually easier than playing against many of our Alliance teammates. The coach told me to thank whomever taught me defense and my teammates because we read the play so well and really showed we can compete.”  2026 National Team Parent

"As parents, one of your biggest hopes for your child is that they’ll discover a passion. We feel so lucky that our daughter has found her passion through her love of lacrosse. We’ve seen firsthand this love of lacrosse grow to another level on the Alliance National team. Our daughter can’t wait to get out on the field. Alliance National has nurtured her drive to learn and play better. There is nothing quite like seeing the pure excitement and joy on her face when she’s about to play. To us, it’s easy to see that this is because of the top-notch coaching and the deep bonds she has with her teammates. It has meant a lot to our daughter to play on a team where she and her teammates all share their love of lacrosse with each other. The  team dynamic has been amazing, everyone is committed, determined and so supportive. Our daughter is really proud to be a part of the Alliance National team and it's an experience she won’t ever forget it. As a family, we started this journey completely open, not knowing exactly how it would play out…it has far exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to see where this path takes her!"

-Heather & Noah Gigliotti, 2029 National Team Parents

"I like Alliance because it is a positive culture and I feel appreciated and valued.  I love my team. Even though we don't train as often as other teams, we put in quality work together every month and then train individually or with a local training option.  I'm alway so happy when it's a training weekend. I feel so confident walking on the field with my teammates at tournaments because we are like a family who is willing to go to battle for each other."  Alexa Podmilsak, 2026 National Team Player


"My experience with Alliance National has been beyond amazing! I’ve had the chance to work with amazing coaches and players. The coaches have helped me develop skills that help me individually and  help me contribute to my team’s success in many different areas of the game. I have also made close friends from all over CA, many of which I will have forever. My teammates have taught me how to be a better competitor on the field, and how to be a better person and friend off the field. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to travel around the country and play top level teams while being  coached by coaches from leading schools and lacrosse programs. I can’t imagine where I would be as a person and a lacrosse player without the guidance and support that Alliance offers." 2028 National Team Player

"The Alliance National Team has made me ten times a better player and person. My love and understanding of the game is so much greater now because of the amazing coaches and experiences. Coach Quinn challenges us, motivates us and always pushes us to try our best. I've learned so much from her. My favorite experience on the National team was when we went to Maryland. Competing on the East Coast and training at Johns Hopkins University were both amazing opportunities. I loved lacrosse even more after that trip. After this season, the National team really feels like family. I have special bonds with the other girls, we’re there for each other and I know and I can always count on them."

-Izzy Gigliotti, 2029 National Team Player

"So much love and gratitude for this program! Building such special camaraderie among the girls I grew up competing with and quickly becoming close friends both in and out of lacrosse has been the most unique and best experience of Alliance. Our program has come so far since its launch and it has meant so much getting to be a part of it for the whole ride. I am so excited for the continuing generation of Alliance girls to build infinite bonds with each other.

We really are Best Together."

Kayla Agarie, 2026 National Team Player 


Train with the best to be the best!

Alliance National Teams do this... internally and externally! We travel back east to compete and win against some of the top teams in the country. Our training sessions and team camps entail our teams learning with, and competing against, each other.​

ALLIANCE National Includes |

  • Collegiate level player development
  • Some of the best coaches in the country. 
  • Regular year round practices and scrimmaging
  • A summer, West Coast Alliance overnight team training camp
  • Coordinated scheduling with East Coast collegiate coaching events
  • Coordinated inter-club training and games with East Coast clubs
  • Summer East Coast Tournaments for all age group teams and Fall East Coast Tournaments for 8th Grade and older
  • Dedicated player recruiting support
  • And so much more...